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How To Freshen Up Your Bathroom Space

How To Freshen Up Your Bathroom Space

You heard correctly, 2023’s trends have officially arrived! Our 2023 Bathroom Design post is the first of a series that will be published over the coming few months. Find out what’s trending in the bathroom design world right now and get ideas for your next makeover. We provide a full range of bathroom fixtures, from bathtubs and showers to sinks and vanities. All new for the next year are textures, patterns, prints, finishes, and styles. The latest and greatest in design are collected here to provide the unexpected spark of creativity you were seeking. The list may serve as a source of inspiration whether you’re starting from scratch or planning a major remodel. Whatever your preferred bathroom design aesthetic, 2023 is the year to make it a reality.

Best Bathroom Ideas 2023 – The Best Designs Of The Future

Vibrant, Oversized Tiles:

While grey may have been a go-to color for bathroom remodels in the past, expect that to alter in the near future. This year, we’re moving on to far more daring and cozy looks. Color is better than grey any day. Warmer tones are becoming increasingly popular, as we predicted they would in our article on the Top Trends for Bathrooms. So, here’s the deal. This is their moment! Yes, we now have warmer tones. After years of predominantly gray bathrooms, designers are betting on a shift toward warmer colors. Specifically, this style is widely seen in bathroom sinks, tile floors, and wall tiles. Some homeowners may be afraid to use these warm tones on the exterior of their houses, thus gray may continue to be a popular alternative to white.

Stand-Alone Bathtubs:

Long, soothing soaks in a free-standing tub are the epitome of relaxation. Even though freestanding bathtubs have been on the increase for the past several years, we expect their popularity to skyrocket this year. Not only can freestanding tubs improve comfort, they also add a touch of style and sophistication to a bathroom. Because of its prominence and ability to draw the eye, freestanding tubs are ideal for usage as a bathroom centerpiece.

Contemporary Restrooms:

The topic of “smart toilets” was hot last year, but this year it’s the complete bathroom that’s receiving a “smart” makeover. We’ve covered the rise of the high-tech toilet as a trend started in Japan in prior pieces. Modern conveniences like as heated toilet seats, hands-free lid openers, variable air dryers, and integrated deodorizers have been added to the loos. If you thought that piece of technology was impressive, you haven’t heard anything yet about the remainder of the bathroom. Smart showers, small refrigerators, and self-cleaning sinks will all make their way into 2023 bathrooms. We just finished renovating a house where the owner may now program his shower to begin automatically. He could walk straight into a hot shower when he arrived home from work. The incorporation of a Bluetooth speaker is another growing trend. The shower can now serve as a convenient venue for musical expression or relaxation. We’ve seen some cool new developments, such as voice-activated controls for the lights and thermostat, smart mirrors that can have conversations with you, and more TVs installed in the home. As a result of these advancements, today’s bathrooms might seem more like a private spa than a utilitarian chamber.

Two Heads Are Better Than One:

No more holding your breath for your significant other as they complete their shower! We’ve seen that showers have been becoming larger over the past few years, and we think that this year, those extra-large showers will have showerheads that can accommodate two people. This can be interpreted in a few different ways, such as two separate showerheads or a fixed showerhead and a handheld shower. Double showerheads are a luxurious upgrade that may increase the value of your property.

Tiles with Appealing Designs and Forms:

We have seen how manufacturers can use simple tiles to make a wide variety of patterns thanks to advances in technology, but now they are moving beyond just changing the colors and images to alter the typical tile form itself.

Popular tiles from decades past are making a comeback, alongside some innovative new styles. We’ve moved on from being satisfied with a wall covered in only subway tiles or large format tiles.  The variety of tile shapes is back in full force.  So, keep an eye out for updated versions of classic patterns like chevrons, fish scales, hexagons, arabesques, and diamonds in a variety of new hues and textures.  All across the bathroom, from the floor to the ceiling, these eye-catching forms will be employed to add the dramatic touches we’ve been hoping for.

This is one of the most tried-and-true 2023 bathroom decorating themes you can try out without worrying about damaging your fixtures.

Reclaimed Wood Is More Popular than Ever:

As was indicated at the outset of this article, the color grey is losing its popularity in interior design. As a result, natural materials like wood are making a comeback. Bathrooms of white, blue, green, or darker colors may all benefit from the addition of wood in one of its many tones. Almost everywhere! It’s no wonder that wooden details are making a comeback because they go so well with the current vintage and industrial styles. This design gives your otherwise cutting-edge bathroom a touch of timeless elegance. It’s also appearing in some quite novel forms. 

Compact Storage Spaces For All You Neat Freaks:

Frustrated by your cluttered, overflowing cupboards? We are, too. In 2023, bathrooms will be examples of a more minimalist way of living, with a reduced need for cabinet space and fewer accessories on show. The presentation of closets, cupboards, shelves, and the like will be streamlined in a way that encourages minimalist practices. It is claimed that adopting such a way of life will assist in reducing stress and help you stay more organized. Even if the rest of your home is rather spacious, the bathroom may serve as a private oasis of calm thanks to the space-saving benefits of compact storage. Bathrooms with concealed cabinets, contemporary wall shelving, and under-vanity space for storage will look and feel less congested.

Down to Earth:

We anticipate a rise in the use of earthy tones in bathroom accents, fixtures, and accessories as a reaction to the general trend away from gray and chilly tones. These natural tones look great with both light and dark hues. These Earth tones contain the colors green, blue, and brown, however, they are being employed as warmer tones rather than chilly ones this year. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the calming effects of earth tones come from the associations they evoke with nature and health. Using colors from the earth is a great way to spice up a boring bathroom! If you were remodeling your bathroom in 2023, what hue would you choose?

It’s all about the Showers:

While we anticipate that freestanding tubs will continue to be included in bathrooms, we believe that showers will eventually take center stage. As showers continue to expand, so does the scope of possibility for creative and stylish tilework from your designer. Think about installing a skylight above the toilet if you have the room. This will provide the natural illumination required for a beautiful atmosphere and complete your shower in style.

Wet Rooms:

The options for growth and additional space in the bathroom arise as the area evolves. The need for greater living space is a common motivator for homeowners to undertake a renovation project. The bathroom is included with this! Space-saving bathroom storage solutions allow you extra area in the shower or bathtub. Wet rooms combine the benefits of a shower and bathtub in one space, making your bathroom more functional and convenient.

Modern, Asymmetrical Mirrors:

Better than ever before, asymmetrical mirrors are now in your hands. The latest craze in interior design is geometric and one-of-a-kind mirrors. Like the rest of the bathroom, mirrors are getting high-tech upgrades. Mirrors can have any feature you might think of, including anti-fog technology, smart touch capabilities, USB charging stations, and more. Plated mirrors have been obsolete for a very long time. With curved frame options dominating the market, you may express your individuality in finding the perfect look. And we haven’t even gotten to the lighting, which is arguably the most crucial aspect of mirrors in bathrooms. The lighting is crucial. Having the most modern and chic bathroom in the world wouldn’t matter if you didn’t emerge looking fantastic, right? While novelty in form and gadgetry is always appreciated, practicality is always prioritized. This is why modern mirrors with both front and rear lighting have become so popular. Light may be diffused more subtly by using back-lit mirrors. Keep scrolling for more visual ideas! Front-facing lights foster greater innovation but can detract from an asymmetrical mirror form.

Put up an under-floor heating system this winter to keep warm:

Investing in slippers to prevent your feet from becoming chilly on the tile in your bathroom suggests you may benefit from installing an under-floor heating system.  If you make a wish as the temperature outside drops, it just could come true.  Tile, concrete, vinyl, and wood are just few of the flooring materials that work well with underfloor heating.   However, the tile floor in the bathroom may be transformed from chilly to warm and pleasant.  When there are no drafts to stir up dust, noise levels and the risk of allergic responses are both reduced, heating systems are a great investment.

There is a growing trend of incorporating tiny gadgets and electronics into bathrooms.  Some modern designs for luxurious bathrooms, for instance, incorporate a beverage center or under-counter coolers near the makeup area or vanity to keep your medications and organic beauty remedies cool and accessible.  Alternately, some people choose to install warming drawers for towels and robes in their private bathrooms. Makeup stations can contain modern conveniences like wireless music systems, TVs, climate control, and more in addition to the standard blow dryers.

Once upon a time, using any sort of electrical device in a restroom was strictly forbidden. Now, it has as many high-tech appliances as a modern kitchen.  This style will remain popular in 2023, especially for en suite bathrooms.

Bathroom Vanity Units That Float:

For a long time, floating bathroom vanities were the hallmark of a modern bathroom. Bathroom vanities that are freestanding are formerly common, but today’s minimalist lifestyles, cutting-edge design aesthetics, and limited space make floating vanities a must. This style provides the much-needed visual break from the cabinets that allows the complementary materials to shine. And if you need more space, installing baskets below the cabinets adds both aesthetic value and practicality, so you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space.

Wallpaper Is Back With A Bang:

When you hear the phrase “wallpaper,” some of you may cringe while others may cheer, but one thing is certain: wallpaper makes you feel something! It’s not the wallpaper your grandmother used, either. Patterns, murals, and designs in oversized, vivid colors that are so captivating and eye-catching that you’ll want them on your own home, too. The newest models are even peel-and-stick, making them easier for amateurs and eliminating the need for any adhesive cleanup. Are you prepared to take a chance and revitalize your boring home? The powder room is an excellent starting point because of its small size, lack of moisture concerns, lockable door, and adaptability. If you want to wow your guests, redecorate the guest bathroom with some eye-catching wallpaper.

Steer clear of these outdated bathroom trends

As time passes and tastes change, your once-modern bathroom may become hopelessly out of date. The following are some of the fads that our experts have determined are showing their age.

All-white bathroom:

Although white is a great color for reflecting light, an all-white bathroom lacks character and flair. Therefore, maintain some white accents that go well with warmer colors.

Steer clear of these outdated bathroom trends

Although wall-mounted sinks look great, they are often difficult to repair and costly to replace. Instead, invest in a sink that is part of a vanity unit.

Barn doors: 

You will never have the solitude you need, and they do not appear to be durable. As usual, we advise going with a tried-and-true option, so classic doors are a safe bet. 

Exotic designs:

Designs that are too outlandish or unusual tend to be less popular. Potential purchasers may be put off by it, and there’s always the chance that you’ll go over. Select a classic pattern if you must use one, and lean toward a monochromatic aesthetic if you can’t help but do so.

Lacquered cupboards:

A few years ago, lacquer was the material of choice for contemporary lavatories. Matte will return in the year 2023.

Replica barn wood, made of ceramic:

Ceramic tiles that look like wood are available, and they’re beautiful and lifelike. Those, however, that have massive knots and a crude appearance are not welcome.

You just can’t go wrong with any of these tried-and-true bathroom decor ideas and fashions.

Lean in closer as we spill the beans on several attributes that seem to be timeless. 

Check out our tried-and-true suggestions for your next bathroom remodel.


This new stuff is definitely here to stay. You may get it in little squares, chevron shapes, or big slabs. No matter your choice, it continues to be a popular option and a major trend in the bathroom.

Subway tiles:

Did you know that the first time you saw these square tiles was in the New York City subway in 1904? They have been around for a long time, yet they are still awesome. However, you’re free to deviate from the standard format in favor of something more linear. Subway tiles are tiny and laid in a straight line, therefore it’s important to have a professional install them.

Faux concrete tiles:

Grey ceramic tile is another time-honored option. This timeless look in today’s restrooms is here to stay.

Color schemes that lean neutral or pastel:

You can get a lot of use out of these colors, since they are both relaxing and timeless in their ability to complement your existing decor. Keep the walls white, the furniture blonde, and the accents gray.

In 2023, bathrooms will be designed with a focus on detail, resulting in spaces that are rich in personality. Round shapes, organic materials, and muted tones predominate. The glass bathtub and smart mirror are examples of one trend that takes us back to the 1950s, while others take us to the far future. While certain bathroom design fads may come and go between now and 2023, some classic styles will continue to be popular. Take notice of these modern bathroom trends, from fluted finishes to forest green, for your upcoming bathroom renovation or simple room upgrade. 

Although keeping up with the most recent fashions and applying them to your home is no guarantee of a classic design, we believe these bathroom suggestions are classic enough to last a lifetime.