Must-Haves in a Designer’s Dream Kitchen

It’s common knowledge that a home’s kitchen serves as its nerve center and its most important social gathering place. The kitchen is used for more than just preparing and storing meals. The kitchen is the heart of the house, where we spend a great deal of time socializing, studying, drinking coffee together, and preparing meals for friends and family. Many of these concepts for the ideal kitchen are adaptable to a wide variety of settings, whether they are bright and colorful, sleek and modern, or classic and homey. Whether you’re beginning from scratch or planning a complete kitchen renovation, we hope these gorgeous and practical design ideas inspire you.

Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without


Ample Window Space

The appropriate layout may help you maintain a stunning room’s pristine beauty. bright from the bay windows and the island’s bright hues are tempered by the dark finishes of the flooring, perimeter cabinets, and lighting. The aged feel of the space is enhanced by the brass and wood finishing touches. Seating at the island can be found in the form of woven leather stools.

Double The Cooking Space

If you prefer to host dinner parties, a double oven is the most convenient method to prepare a variety of foods at once. It’s very convenient to have two ovens that can be set to various temperatures so that you never have to worry about balancing cook times, and there’s always plenty of room.

Space Saver Pantry

In our fantasies, walk-in spaces wouldn’t be limited to closets. This pantry, which is laid up in a walk-through fashion, is conveniently located behind the kitchen. Larger things like dry foods may be stored in baskets and jars on the upper open shelves, while smaller items like spices and condiments can be kept organized in pull-out drawers and cabinets in the lower part.

Kitchen with Muted Coastal Colors

Talk to your loved ones as you put the finishing touches on dinner. With an open layout, the kitchen, dining area, and living room can all accommodate a large group without feeling crowded. As the kitchen is open to the living area, guests may easily keep eating and drinking as long as the discussion lasts.

Dual-Bowl Apron Front Kitchen Sink

A farmhouse sink’s classic style harkens back to a more humble era, when fresh produce was washed in the kitchen after being collected from the garden. This sturdy, functional sink was first designed for jobs that called for a large basin. The two bowls allow you to accomplish both soaking and washing at once.

Washing Machine with Two Drawers

Put away the dirty dishes! Run a brief batch of glasses through one while the other is filling. Dishwashers with two drawers are common since they are convenient and simple to use. Not interested in the version with two drawers? If you want twice as much dishwashing power, consider installing a second dishwasher.

Concealed Gadgets

Kitchens with bespoke cabinets, including those with paneled refrigerators and dishwashers, seem more polished and put together. The “appliance garage” conceals clutter while making frequently used appliances easily accessible, and the use of panels on the appliances softens the harshness of stainless steel.

Cooking Area that Can Be Moved

In the kitchen or during a party, a mobile island is a must-have. Because of its portability, it may be used as a tabletop whenever and wherever it is required. Having a second level for more storage is a plus.

Smart Hardware

Invest in high-quality cabinet hardware that looks good and is easy to use. When it comes to aesthetics, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Pick a theme and carry it out in the pulls and knobs you install around the room. Here, the white cabinetry contrasts nicely with the brushed brass hardware.

Easy Access To Cookbooks

Keep your most used cookbooks within easy reach to show them off. Keep the bright ones you use frequently on this shelf for easy seeing.

An Open Bar with Liquids

No matter where you put it—in the kitchen or in a corridor leading to the living room or dining room—a wet bar is an absolute must. Put a wine cooler and ice machine behind the counter to finish off the bar. Everything related to hosting is now conveniently within your reach.

Perfect Ambiance

Smart under-cabinet lighting, pendant lights, and an overhead light can let you see everything in your kitchen. The abundance of mood-boosting natural light is ensured by the abundance of windows.

Exhibited Ceramics

Hang your most used and aesthetically pleasing cookware close to the stove for quick and easy access.

Diminutive Wooden Floors

Kitchens with dark wood floors look especially stunning with white cabinets. Wood flooring are more forgiving on the feet and back than tile, and they also cover up messes better.

Expandable Drawers

With the help of pull-out shelves, you can easily store and retrieve objects from deep cabinets. This makes it much simpler to maintain order in the kitchen. This convenient 8-inch-wide pull-out cupboard is conveniently located next to the stove. Cutting boards and baking trays can fit because there are no shelves.

China’s Hidden Hoard

Built-ins are a more modern and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional china cabinets. For contrast, the back of this lovely china cabinet is painted a dark blue, and it comes with turn locks made of polished brass.

Permanent Barista

What could be better than waking up to a steaming cup of espresso? You can avoid leaving your house in search of the greatest one in town. Not quite self-operating, but maybe your better half will get up early and turn it on for you.

Wonderfully Unexpected Artwork

The kitchen’s only purpose need not be to serve food. Brighten up the room with paintings and collections by hanging them in unusual places.

A Kettle Filler

Swing-out arm pot filler faucets are a game-changer, especially for avid cooks. Installing it next to the stove or on the backsplash will make it much simpler to fill large pots.

Newly Planted Flowers

Seasonal flower arrangements brighten and revitalize a space. Use foliage and branches that will survive through the season. Putting together a bouquet is a certain way to make anyone’s day.

Space for Many

In the heart of the home, this long farm table seats eight people comfortably. Dining in the kitchen is convenient for every occasion, from family meals to parties with friends.

Island with Multiple Uses

Make the most of your kitchen island by installing pull-out trash cans and under-counter appliances on the inside, open shelving on the ends for quick access to appliances and cookbooks, and concealed cabinets on the sitting side for further storage.

Facilities Accepting Pets

When planning the perfect kitchen, remember to include space for your pets. Put a low-hanging planter filler in a room where pets are welcome. Things like pet food, plates, beds, toys, and more might be stored in extra built-in and pull-out features.


Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen

In terms of house improvements, kitchen makeovers are always a top pick. These days, the kitchen is where most of us spend our time. The kitchen is no longer just a place to cook; it’s also a place to hang out with family and friends, do homework or work, and enjoy a meal together. This has led many homeowners to contemplate updating their kitchens as their next major home improvement project. We’ll go through some of the justifications for a kitchen remodel.

Excellent Rate of Return

The fact that you may expect to recoup between 75% and 100% of the money you put into a kitchen remodel is probably the strongest incentive of all. I can guess what you’re thinking now:

The kitchen needs updating, therefore I won’t be selling my house. 

It may be true today, but you will likely sell the house at some point in the future, so it’s important to think about how much money you’ll make back on the improvements you make.

The home’s high marketability will also benefit you when the time comes to sell. Buyer interest in your property will increase if the kitchen is modern and doesn’t appear like it’s from the 1980s.

Modifying Your Kitchen to Suit Your Needs

Kitchen remodeling is a wonderful chance to enhance the room’s practicality, aesthetic appeal, or both. Although the previous homeowner may not have seen the need for it, a kitchen island with an overhang is a terrific spot for the kids to enjoy breakfast on the weekend.

Here’s your chance to upgrade or install new lights. Our dreamprint customers have been enjoying their newly renovated kitchen since we finished it. There were already a number of pot lights installed in the kitchen. But they were commercial-looking, non-LED, 5″ pot lights, not something you’d find in a residential setting. They saw this as an opportunity to upgrade the home’s lighting throughout by removing the old can lights and installing new brushed nickel 4-inch square pot lights.

Customizing new kitchen cabinets is another option for improving the room’s practicality. To keep your spices organized and within easy reach, you may install a pullout spice rack in a base cabinet next to your stove. What about installing a garbage and recycling bin on a pull-out shelf behind the sink?

Make sure to include some spacious drawers for your pots and pans in the new kitchen design. They’re not limited to cooking utensils. Tupperware, glass jars of dry goods like flour, sugar, etc., and even small gadgets may all find a home in a deep pot drawer, which can also be used to store plates and bowls on pegs.

More Homemade Meals

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, practically all of the more than 300 customers who have hired us to refurbish their kitchens have said that they like preparing meals at home now that they have updated appliances. Just over 85% of those who have had kitchen renovations say they are cooking at home 50% more often than before the project began.

Why wouldn’t you want to spend more time in the kitchen you just renovated if it looks like it belongs in a glossy lifestyle magazine and has all the amenities you need to whip up gourmet meals and delicious baked goods?

My goal in kitchen design is to maximize counter space for the client. You can never have too much counter space, and if you have somewhere to put your food before cooking, you’re more inclined to do it. Seventy percent of our clients also said that additional family members would now assist out in the kitchen now that they had their own dedicated workspace. Knowing that I would have more help in the kitchen is reason enough for me to consider a remodel.

The obvious upside of cooking more of your own meals at home is the improved health you’ll experience compared to eating out or ordering takeout. You have complete control over the ingredients used in the dishes. You have complete control over the ingredients, so you may choose heart-healthy fats and there are no added preservatives, salt, or MSG. Not to mention the savings you’ll make by avoiding restaurant meals!

Reduced Upkeep Time

The kitchen is the one space in the house where cleanliness is of paramount importance. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyone gathers to cook and dine together. To keep your family healthy, you should keep your home clean and try to keep microorganisms to a minimum. The door fronts of older, well-used kitchen cabinets, in particular, can be particularly difficult to clean.

There are several options for low-upkeep materials that may be used into a kitchen remodel. For instance, a wet towel is all that’s needed to clean lacquer-finished MDF cabinetry. The dirt and dust that accumulate on luxury vinyl plank flooring may be easily removed with a damp mop or a regular sweep. Altering the kitchen’s layout during remodeling can facilitate movement and cleanup.

Conserving Energy

In most cases, when our customers remodel their kitchens, they also purchase new appliances. Getting rid of your old, inefficient refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher and replacing them with new, energy-efficient models will help you save money and lessen your impact on the environment. This results in monthly monetary gains.


If your kitchen is falling apart and in disrepair, that’s the single most crucial reason to remodel it. No one wants to host a dinner party or prepare a gourmet meal in a kitchen with chipped tiles, peeling worktops, missing cabinet doors, and antiquated equipment. The worn-out kitchen has simply served its purpose and is in need of updating.

It’s definitely time for an improvement if your kitchen is in disrepair. This is the ideal way to inspire yourself to raise the value of your home, eat more meals at home, and appreciate the area more generally. Both monetarily and psychologically, you will benefit.

Even if you can’t afford a total kitchen remodel, you can still do a lot to improve the look and functionality of your outdated cooking space. For instance, swap out your soiled and antiquated laminate counter for a shiny new quartz one. The lighting might use an upgrade, or more lights could be added. Instead of a complete remodel, you may want to think about merely updating your cabinets. Communicate your financial constraints to the contractor so they may give useful recommendations.

A kitchen remodel is a significant financial commitment, so making the decision to move forward may be challenging. If you are still on the fence about whether to renovate your kitchen, we recommend you think about some of the reasons we have given below. You’ll experience both monetary and emotional returns (thanks to your newly renovated kitchen) and come to deeply appreciate your home.