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With a team of seasoned experts that are dedicated to providing exceptional workmanship and individualized solutions, our room addition services are second to none. We provide affordable room addition services in San Jose, and nearby areas in California without sacrificing quality, and we always keep you in the loop about the status of your project. You may put your faith in us to realize your vision and improve both the usability and resale value of your house.

New room added in home


Do you want to build a new home, modify the one you have, or expand on the one you already have? Stop right there! The room addition contractors at Dreamprint home Remodeling are extremely hardworking and reliable.

You can count on our professional team to be by your side every step of the way while you add whichever level, garage, or bedroom you need. The design process begins with the client and continues through the architect, engineer, BIM modeler, and contractor for the new addition. Professional architects and engineers offer invaluable assistance throughout both the planning and building phases of a home expansion. Our firm is a seasoned San Jose,CA provider of house addition services, and our architects and designers are experts in converting conceptual designs into detailed construction documents. When it comes to various home additions, our professional architects always deliver on time and on budget. We can also help you get your permits quickly. To ensure that your new home addition goes off without a hitch, the design and construction teams will work together to settle on a plan and scope of work that fits within your budget and timetable.


We’ll be at your side every step of the way while we design and construct your custom home addition. At every point in the process, from the first consultation to the delivery of the finished product, we encourage our clients to participate actively. The key steps in our procedure for constructing new rooms are as follows:

Initial consultation

We'll set up a time and place convenient for you to meet at your house so that we can talk about the room addition or home extension you're considering. We can provide ballpark estimates for both time and money.

Design phase

If you decide to work with us, the next step will be the design process, during which we will develop 3D representations of your project for you to examine, modify, and ultimately approve.

Acceptance and Agreement

If you like what we've come up with and are ready to proceed, we'll have a contract available for you to go over and sign. We are now constrained by both time and money constraints.

Plan approval and building permits

We will make the formal plans and submit the paperwork for the required licenses.


We take great satisfaction in maintaining the highest standards of quality while working quickly and effectively. We'll keep you updated on our progress and do our best to stick to the plan and the budget.


After receiving your go-ahead, we will finish the job by painting and installing the last details (such as the plumbing, fittings, appliances, and wiring).


Consider these points before getting in touch with Dreamprint Home Remodeling to discuss constructing a room addition:


Your financial and time constraints

We want you to be prepared for the time it will take to construct your home addition or room addition, so having a target date in mind is helpful. We want to be mindful of your financial constraints and operate within those parameters whenever possible.

The look and feel of your design as a whole

You don't need to have every detail planned out, but having some notion of the general style and aesthetic you're going for with this room expansion would be helpful.



The primary purpose of the room addition or home expansion

You'll need to know this in order to plan the room's layout and dimensions. Do you plan to construct a new bedroom or bathroom for visitors? Which of these spaces will you be remodeling: the office, the family room, the expanded kitchen, the basement, or the garage?

The key components of your redesign that you can’t live without

If you do the math, you may find that your redesigning wish list exceeds what you can afford. Focusing your efforts will be easier if you have a clear idea of which elements are most important in realizing your ideal place.



The local ordinances regarding construction permits and limits

You'll have a better idea of what you can do with your house addition or room addition if you're familiar with the permits and construction regulations in your region.

Why You Should Hire Us to Add a Room?

The following are some of the many reasons why you should choose us to do your room extension. 

Knowledge and Long-Term Practice

With our team's extensive background in building room extensions, you can be assured that your project will be done quickly and to the highest standards.

Tailor-made Answers

Given that we consider every project to be unique, we work closely with each client to provide tailor-made solutions for each new home addition.

Satisfaction of Customers as a Priority

Our number one priority is making sure you're happy with the final product, and we'll stop at nothing to make that happen. Throughout the process, our staff works directly with you to make sure you receive exactly what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

image when room addition is completed

The cost to renovate a room is based on the quality and price of the fixtures, cabinets, and flooring you select. Typically, a room addition in California costs around $285 per square foot to build.

If a homeowner or builder plans to construct an addition to an existing building or structure, such as a new room, they will need a Building Permit. The County must evaluate and approve your designs and any accompanying documents before you may begin building.

Your home’s foundation is the structure’s bones and one of the most costly components. The high cost is a result of the requirement for specialized resources and personnel.

For a successful room addition, it’s best to work with a licensed contractor. Contractors like Dream print Home Remodeling have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to do your job quickly, affordably, and to your satisfaction.

How long it takes to finish a room addition depends on how much work needs to be done and how complicated the addition is. Building an extra room might take a few weeks up to many months.

A bump out is an extension of a room that can add anything from a few square feet to as much as ten or fifteen. A bump out is often smaller and more cost-effective than an additional regular room because fewer building materials and no HVAC are required.

It’s possible to construct a secret space in your home in a number of ways. Buying a secret door might be the easiest option. You may find several examples of bookshelves that double as secret entrances by conducting an internet search.

Great rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bathrooms, guest bedrooms, and master suites are just some of the rooms that may be added to a house. However, a kitchen is often only included in an expansion if it is meant to be a separate living space, such as an apartment.

A family of four would be OK in a house with three or four bedrooms. Add a room if you have more than one or two children, or if your family is expected to increase. How many bedrooms are needed for a family of four is displayed below.

Additions to your home can increase its value, but they can also be rather expensive to build. It is possible to tailor your current home to your specific needs by putting on a new bedroom suite, bathroom, or even a second story.