Garage Conversion Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Perhaps the garage is the home’s most underappreciated space. Since it is rarely used in its current form, it may be quickly adapted to serve a variety of purposes. You may convert any room into a home office, fitness center, or studio.

You may make better use of the space you have by converting your garage. If you want to save money on enlarging your outside area without sacrificing quality, consider flipping an existing garage.

Many options exist for optimizing your new space. What matters most is how you value your own time, interests, and ambitions. These garage conversion concepts might help you visualize possible uses for the area.

Why Convert the Garage?

It might be frustrating to have a whole room that is useless due to accumulated rubbish and other items. Or perhaps you’re looking for a pretext to forego the company retreat in favor of additional downtime at home. Converting the garage is a simple and convincing excuse to avoid the boss’s call.

Garage conversions are a great way to increase your home’s value. That adage must be true because it drives the global economy. Always try to improve the places you visit. If you ever decide to sell your (now flawless) property, you may reclaim at least part of the expenses you incurred to convert the garage.

Garage additions may increase the value of a home by as much as 80 percent, according to studies. If you spend $10,000 renovating your garage, for example, you may see an increase in value of $8,000.

Converting your garage into a fun family project is another option. The right time has come for your kids or spouse to take their first tentative steps into the world of home renovation and power tools (pro tip: don’t let them take those steps).

Everything from storing items to providing services to amusing is possible. With these garage renovation plans, you may do anything you want, however you want.

Garage Conversion Ideas You’ll Drool Over

Should you turn your garage into a separate apartment? To assist you in making a decision, we have included 37 of our top garage conversion concepts.

Converting a garage may take on a wide variety of styles. They can serve as guest quarters, an office, a location to host guests, or as additional living quarters for the family. The key secret is that most ADUs will eventually be used for all three functions.

When deciding how to turn a garage into a new living area, there are several options to consider. Think about them first, and you won’t waste time or money later on.

If you’re looking for a single source to handle all aspects of your ADU renovation, look no further than Dreamprint Home Remodeling. We help you choose the best architects, engineers, and builders for your job, and we do in-depth property research so you can make well-informed choices along the process.

Make a rental unit out of a garage and attract stable renters.

A garage is essentially a blank slate, waiting to be customized to the owner’s liking. Those looking to rent for an extended period value consistency. With its shaker-style cabinetry and crown molding, this once-garage now exudes the substantial warmth of a country cottage.

Make the most of your garage door while converting your garage.

Replace the garage door with an industrial glass-paneled version to create a more artful, open feel and to open up the room to the patio beyond. It’s a fantastic source of illumination and a touching tribute to the unit’s modest origins. With the door open, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, indoors and out.

Plan for natural light and personal space while remodeling your garage.

Having plenty of windows in your ADU is a must. Both you and whoever is staying in the ADU would appreciate some personal space. With clerestory windows, a French door on the quiet side of the ADU, small sliders above the kitchen counter, and three narrow fixed windows on the wall facing the yard, this apartment addresses the age-old privacy vs. light dilemma in four distinct ways. Windows that are “fixed” cannot be opened. They are also more cost-effective than operable windows.

Garage conversion idea: Spice it up for short-term rentals

Guests and children alike will enjoy a blackboard-painted wall. Simply painting it on a door or wall and then adding colorful chalk can make your listing stand out on home-sharing websites.

To make the most of your garage, convert the driveway into a patio.

In many cases, garages can be found at the very end of a lengthy driveway. Create a beautiful front patio for your ADU by transforming this space. While this one is tiled, concrete may be stenciled to get a similar look.

An alternative to installing windows in a converted garage is to install doors.

The 2020 ADU laws in California allow for garage conversions to the property line to keep their original footprint. There must be at least four feet between the building and the boundary wall before windows may be installed there. Because of this regulation, some converted garages may have trouble getting enough daylight. You may make the most of your space by installing glass French or sliding doors.

Create some privacy in your newly converted garage by installing a sliding screen.

A studio apartment may often be created from a normal carport, which is around 400 square feet. Screens hung in a room divide the space and provide design appeal. By closing them, you may block out the light from the TV and increase your privacy. Tenants may see themselves at home in the ADU with the aid of design features like these.

A glass-paneled door can be installed in a converted garage to let light into a cramped washroom.

It’s possible that the bathroom you set up in your converted garage is small and lacks a window. Frosted glass on a door not only lets light in but also gives the illusion of extra space. No one can see through the glass and you can’t see them.

Make a place for a deck by converting your garage.

Construction above the carport? Having a narrow deck prevents the building from looking like a huge box and gives it more personality. The addition of a shaded area to enjoy morning coffee increases the value of the converted garage.

Build a deck out over the carport as an alternative driveway.

Steep driveways are the norm. How can one make one into an outdoor living area? With a deck, you may enlarge your home’s living space without altering the footprint in any manner. The railing the owners placed to their converted garage is low, but you could always put up a taller one if you want additional seclusion.

Reusing wood from the garage is one option for garage makeovers.

Garage conversions often include the removal of siding and other wood planks. You may use them as a rustic divider after giving them a new coat of paint or varnish.

Plan a warm and inviting porch as part of your garage makeover.

Every front door needs an awning or overhang for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Creating a porch out of the garage’s original footprint is possible. The garage will seem more like a home if you add any architectural details that break up its boxiness.

Plan your garage makeover so that it flows with the rest of the house

The main home will likely be able to see your garage conversion. Some property owners prefer that their accessory living unit function independently from the main house, while others see it as an essential element of the entire compound. The wide-pitched roof, siding, fittings, and color palette of this addition are all consistent with those of the main home.

Create an alluring walkway while you transform your garage.

Garage conversion homeowners often struggle with how to provide privacy between the ADU and the primary residence. Your renters or visitors will appreciate the added beauty and seclusion that a lushly planted walkway provides. The backyard’s elephant ears are hardy and will reach a height of 5 or 6 feet.

Plank the garage’s ceiling in wood for a rustic touch.

The large wood panels on the ceiling of this ADU create a bold statement while also providing an abundance of natural warmth. The wooden window and door casings add to the homey, handmade atmosphere. While beadboard is a nice option for ceilings, these huge panels update the look of the apartment and make it feel more modern.

Utilize the Ceiling When Converting Your Garage

A detached dwelling unit (DDU) of only 400 square feet can be constructed from a garage. The bedroom will probably be this size if you do. Do not squander the available vertical space! Floating shelves allowed the homeowner to keep the space looking uncluttered while yet having plenty of shelf space. The globe lamps add a sense of elegance and functionality.

The idea for a garage makeover: Carve out a specialization.

The typical thickness of a home’s wall is 4.5 inches. The thickness of plumbing-equipped walls is six inches and one-half. Creating ornamental niches in the spaces between the structural pillars is simple in places where there are no pipes or electrical wires. It’s just what you need to show off your prized possessions!

The idea for garage makeover: tile the bathroom floor.

Installing a no-threshold shower and using the same floor tiles throughout the room is a quick and easy way to give the illusion of more space in a compact bathroom. The beautiful tiles on the wall of the shower first catch your attention.

The ADU is a great inspiration for garage remodels.

There’s no timidity in this converted garage. We see this as the way of the future; a wonderful solution to the problem of increasing housing density without altering the aesthetic of an area.

One possible use for a converted garage is a cozy solarium.

This sunroom, which is only a few steps from the main building, is perfect for dining or relaxing in the sun. The stunning vistas may be enjoyed from any angle. The spacious overhang and terrace are nice touches as well.

The kitchen can be hidden away in a hallway if the garage is converted.

The kitchen is separated from the rest of the living space by a wall and has a skylight to let in natural light.

Create a bedroom corner in the garage.

You’ll need closet space, so why not make them a design focus? The inset bed is a further space-saving feature of this studio apartment.

Let your collection inspire your design

The design for the one-bedroom garage apartment came from the owner’s impressive Fiestaware collection. The owner painted the inside doors and cabinets in the same primary colors, making for a bright and cheery atmosphere that is sure to attract Airbnb guests.

One option for transforming a garage: is removing the roof

Your garage’s rafters will certainly need to be strengthened before you can legally live there. The increased cost of finishing the beams and opening the ceiling is well worth it.

Cost-effective garage makeover suggestion: add a spacious porch

Tenants who want to stay for an extended period and weekend guests alike might benefit greatly from the addition of outside space. Adding a porch like this can boost the value of your ADU without increasing the size of your garage.

Adding a workplace is an excellent idea for a garage makeover.

When was the last time you took a trip without a portable electronic device? Didn’t get any work done at home, perhaps? Having a dedicated workspace ensures that the ADU’s dining table won’t be taken over for extended periods. This three-shelf corner desk offers plenty of storage options.

Garage conversion idea: Splurge on a big porch

Consider splurging on a sizable porch as an extension of the living area when converting a garage into a home. Adding a porch like this can boost the value of your ADU without increasing the size of your garage.

Maximize natural light in a garage by installing a privacy film.

It’s a fact that many garage conversions in metropolitan areas will be located near the main residence. Privacy film diffuses the light beautifully while letting in far more light than shades. While you don’t have to be quite as daring as this creative implementation, it certainly draws attention. The film is simple to set up and is available in several different designs. A helpful hint is to just apply the film halfway up the window, so that the upper third may be seen through.

A window above the sink and a shelf across the window are a great addition to any garage makeover.

A window above the sink in the kitchen is preferable. If you have any doubts, just ask someone who has done the dishes while gazing at a wall that is barely inches away from their face. Installing a shelf across the window provides additional storage space in a converted garage.

One option for a laundry area in a converted garage is a stackable washer and dryer.

Using a combined washer and dryer is commonplace in Europe. The United States now has access to excellent models that can wash and dry garments simultaneously. However, in a space-limited garage conversion, the extra time spent washing and drying clothes is well worth it.

Converting a recess in the garage into a room with character is a great plan.

Many garages have a ten- to fifteen-foot buffer zone between them and the back fence. Typically, they are bare bits of land where the kids may play or where you keep unused gardening tools. With some planters, lighting, and a few pieces of patio furniture, it may look like this.

Adding cladding to the outside of a garage is a great way to update the space.

A basic garage conversion may become a work of art with the addition of board-and-batten on the roof, shingles on the walls, and extra-wide molding.

Converting a garage into a storage shed is a great

All the things that used to be stored in your garage will require a new home. You may still need quick access to things like bikes, sports equipment, and even basic tools, even if you have an attic or intend to rent a storage facility. Consider building a shed for extra storage space while you have the home construction contractor around. is where you can find the blueprints for this one.

Use top cabinets with glass doors when remodeling a garage.

Open shelving is a popular design choice that has replaced top cabinets. Open shelving implies less storage space, but that might not matter if you never plan on having a long-term tenant in your ADU. This ADU is being utilized as a home office for now, but it might be rented out in the future. It’s only 350 square feet, so the owners hoped to add uppers without closing it in too much.

Garage addition ideas: make it bigger and put on a deck

Take a cue from this well-thought-out layout, which has convenient storage on the ADU’s left and a sizable deck that makes the most of the property’s attractive flora.

Adding tiling to your garage renovation may punch it up.

The kitchen in this modest garage conversion is the unit’s center point, thanks to the use of huge, eye-catching tiling on one wall.

Make the most of a difficult space by converting a garage.

This ADU has to deal with safety and privacy concerns because of its location on a corner lot in a city. Windows that may be opened near the ceiling let fresh air inside, while those that are fastened near the door are less likely to be broken.

Converting unused garage space into a breezy walkway is a great idea.

The concrete pad connecting this ADU to the main home used to become quite hot in the sun before the pergola roof was installed. The space was transformed into a patio with a ceiling fan, lush landscaping, and comfortable seating for visitors.

How transforming your garage into a livable space may increase your home’s worth and improve the quality of your life.

Converting a garage into a livable space is a trend that’s only growing in popularity. Adding on to a garage that is linked to the main house is a common way to gain square footage for a living room or kitchen. Building a one-story addition on top of a garage is another common strategy. Additional suggestions for garage conversions that not only increase your home’s resale value but also improve your quality of life are discussed in this article.

Your home’s worth should increase by at least 10–15 percent.

The Nationwide Building Society and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors found that a garage conversion may increase the value of a property by 10–15 percent. If you want to be sure you make a profit, though, you should think about the space’s location, the quality of the conversion, and what you’re turning it into. Here are some outstanding options for transforming your garage.

Don’t bring work into your household.

A quiet place to work is a need in today’s busy society. The transformation of a garage into a workspace is common. Simple improvements may be made to the area, including insulation, heating, flooring, and electrical wiring. Make sure there’s enough natural light by swapping out the garage door for some bifold doors and installing skylights. The finishing touch on the decor may be achieved by selecting sleek and minimalist office furniture. Inquire with us about the necessities of space repurposing planning.

Home exercise equipment is here to stay.

The second most common use for a converted garage is a home gym, and it also happens to be the most economical. The majority of us are still living with that spinning cycle in our bedrooms. It’s time to take the workout outside, to your gym. We suggest installing central heating and a wood-look floor to make the area comfortable and usable year-round.

Build a new bedroom.

Especially if the garage is adjacent to the main house, adding a bedroom is the third most common reason to convert a garage. But before you start the conversion, you should make sure it suits the demands of local purchasers. A garage conversion that adds bedrooms may be preferable to a home office or gym if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of families. Both a change of use application and building regulations approval are necessary for this sort of alteration.

A combined utility and boot room.

Converting your attached garage into a mudroom or coat closet is a smart move. Laundry is one of those never-ending chores that just keeps piling up. It can serve as a holding area until you have the chance to wash the laundry if you don’t feel like dealing with it right away. A basin for use in this area to soak objects is a handy suggestion. Have you had enough of dirty shoes and coats piling up on your front porch? Having a dedicated space to store outdoor gear and shoes is every homeowner’s fantasy. Make sure there are adequate coat hangers and shoe storage options. Above the custom cabinets, we can have a chat.

Ideal detached studio.

If you want to turn your garage conversion into a source of supplemental income, a self-contained annex is a great choice. The increasing price of care for the elderly is another factor to think about. A child or grandchild may live here comfortably. Rent and the down payment on a home might be especially onerous for recent college grads just entering the job market. You may be able to give your kids financial relief with the help of a self-contained annex.

Make your own one-of-a-kind theater and game area.

Having a designated area for recreation and enjoyment is becoming more vital as people spend more time at home. A well-planned games room may accommodate several uses, from video gaming to board games to a home theater. Its marketability may increase with such a transformation. Including a games area in your home might make it more appealing to potential buyers and boost its value.

What Impact Will Converting My Garage Have On My Home’s Value?

The answer to that question is dependent on the local housing market and the priorities of potential purchasers. In an older area like Oak Forest, where most of the houses are on the smaller side, the extra square footage you get by converting the garage is worth a lot more than the garage itself.

The value of your home might increase if you convert only one of your garage’s three bays, leaving enough for two cars.

The issue of flooring must also be considered.  In most cases, a garage conversion must have a smooth flow into the main house. This precludes features such as a change in floor level or a sharp change in height. You might have a professional concrete business install a beautiful concrete floor or stain that would be suitable for use inside.

If the garage is detached and can be rented out for a sufficient sum, the gain in revenue may be sufficient to offset the cost of its removal. Houston Heights is a prime example of a high-rent area.

The question boils down to “Are garage conversions typical in this market area” If you answered yes, the value is probably increased. If not, then it’s important to weigh all the elements that might affect the property’s worth.

Your assessor will count the space as either a garage or a living room, depending on which uses would yield the highest return. If the conversion was only a frame-up, the space may be readily changed back to a garage. In most cases, a “garage” designation will result in a negligible downward adjustment for remodeling expenses.


Although garage conversions can be costly, we’ve looked at a wide variety of creative garage conversion ideas, each of which provides a new and exciting way to put your unused garage space to good use. Your garage is a blank canvas that can be transformed into anything from a home office to a home theater, a guest suite to a greenhouse, a craft area to a play space, and so much more.

Planning and design are the two most important factors in ensuring the success of a garage conversion. If you live in California or anyplace else and need help giving your garage conversion ideas a physical form, don’t hesitate to contact Dreamprint Home Remodeling. Our professional staff is here to assist you in realizing your goals and making the most of the available areas.

Keep in mind that the garage is more than simply a place to park your car and dump your junk; it’s a blank slate just ready to be filled with your ideas. Discover the hidden potential of your garage and turn it into a room that expresses your personality and interests.