Top home builders in San Jose

San Jose is among the most sought-after locations to call home in California, being the biggest city in the northern region. Beautiful weather, lively culture, and breathtaking scenery are all on offer in this metropolis. But when compared to other California towns, San Jose has a higher cost of living. There are a lot of wealthy areas in and surrounding towns. This list showcases the top custom home builders in San Jose, CA, who can help you with any type of home improvement project, from foundation to roof. After thoroughly evaluating each firm's service offerings, project track record, and area of expertise, we have chosen them all. To be sure the business you choose can deliver the project you want, talk to them about your unique requirements and ask for recommendations from people you trust during the selection process.


What Is the Average Cost per Square Foot to Build a Home in San Jose?

According to Home Builders Digest, the average cost per square foot for a custom house in San Jose may be anywhere from $375.93 to $576.28. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $147.70 to 224.33 per square foot when building using standard-grade materials. Adding new features can naturally drive up the price per square foot. The price tag, like the house itself, will vary from one San Jose custom home construction to another due to factors such as the builder you choose, the house's layout, its location, and the materials used.


San Jose's Top Custom Home Builders

San Jose, California, is a vibrant metropolis at the center of Silicon Valley, known for its innovative culture and laid-back lifestyle. Come along as we investigate the best San Jose custom home builders.


Dreamprint Home Remodeling

If you're looking to remodel your house with top-notch craftsmanship and individualized attention, go no further than Dreamprint home Remodeling, a leading San Jose, CA renovation business. They do it all: add-ons, remodels, and refurbishments (inside and out), as well as kitchen and bathroom upgrades. The architects, designers, and builders that make up their team collaborate to meet the demands of their clients and bring their dreams to life.

Dreamprint stands out because of its customer-centric strategy, which prioritizes openness and open communication throughout a project's lifespan. Their priority is to comprehend the specific needs of each client, and they always aim to go above and beyond by providing outstanding quality and meticulous attention to detail. Without sacrificing quality, Dreamprint consistently finishes projects on schedule and budget.

Dreamprint is often praised in customer evaluations for its professionalism, careful craftsmanship, and the life-changing results of its makeovers. Whether it's a little room update or a whole house renovation, Dreamprint Home Remodeling has the experience and commitment to make clients' visions a reality.


Earthbound Homes, Inc.

Among home builders in San Jose, Earthbound Homes, Inc. stands out for its dedication to eco-friendly methods and superior workmanship. Earthbound Homes is an industry leader in bespoke green home construction, using sustainable resources and cutting-edge green technology. The homes they construct are known for their practicality and good looks, and their method guarantees that they have little effect on the environment.

The use of cutting-edge construction methods that improve IAQ, water conservation, and energy efficiency is a point of pride for the organization. Solar panels, high-performance insulation, and other sustainable building materials are some of the elements that Earthbound Homes uses to make eco-friendly and economically viable homes.


De Mattei Construction Inc.

R De Mattei Construction is a general contractor that specializes in high-quality build-outs for both commercial and residential clients. With an emphasis on bespoke houses, remodels, beach residences, and commercial facilities, the firm has cultivated a varied portfolio since 1985. Around the course of its 38 years in business, the general construction company has finished a wide variety of projects all around the Bay Area. The company's broad range of construction services makes it the go-to for clients looking for custom home-building solutions; it has offices in both San Jose and Aptos.


Pacific Builders Inc.

Pacific Builders Inc. has been making exceptional bespoke houses for 36 years. They focus on complicated and one-of-a-kind designs, as well as restorations of older homes and remodels of the highest caliber. Established by Anthony Yaconelli, the firm's exceptional staff of architects, designers, and craftspeople have completed more than a hundred home projects spanning a wide range of styles. Its inventory features mansions with a focus on the Adobe style as well as those with a French chateau, Tuscan or Mediterranean flair, or an Asian influence.


High Class Builders

Regardless of a client's financial situation, High Class Builders is committed to building them the house of their dreams. Living in a house that is tailor-made for your every need brings a unique sense of contentment. Everyone should be able to experience the warmth and welcoming atmosphere that High Class Builders strives to provide. Even more so than the ever-present friends and family, who enhance the practicality and comfort of your house in every manner.

High Class Builders is one of the top home builders in San Jose that serves the greater Los Angeles area and its suburbs, including the San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Orange County, and Antelope Valley.


Adept Builders Inc. s

Many Bay Area families and companies have their aspirations realized by Adept Builders Inc., a top construction firm committed to providing high-quality work. After more than a decade of satisfying both business and residential clients, they are confident that they have created something that will provide joy and contentment for the rest of their lives. Adept Builders Inc.'s founder and CEO, Tom Nguyen, is driven by a love for providing the Bay Area with affordable dream houses and long-lasting commercial structures. Adept Builders Inc., is a reflection of the skill and dedication of the team as they collaborate to realize your vision. You are more than a client—you are an integral part of their business here at Adept Builders Inc. They value developing close relationships with customers, almost like family. 


Progress Builders

Your dream house is more than just an investment; it's a statement about your lifestyle, and Progress Builders understands that. Your house is a delight to host guests with its wonderful design, practical features, and beautiful furnishings. Your dream home requires the expertise of a style and construction expert if you want to make it a reality. As experts in residential building, their company will be invaluable in this regard.


Their years of expertise make them a true specialist. Accredited, bonded, and guaranteed business. In addition to being able to maintain a very high reputation, they are also powerful and laser-focused on completing jobs to completion. The crew always gets back to their customers quickly. Timely task completion is our priority, and our program is designed to accommodate your schedule.

Robson Homes

The San Jose, California headquarters of Robson Homes was established. In 1989, Mark Robson established the firm. From its inception, the firm has expanded throughout Silicon Valley, developing, building, and designing a wide variety of residential, retail, and agricultural projects. Mr. Robson has taken the helm of the company, which is actively seeking new ways to improve people's quality of life through housing.

In making every choice, they are centering it around their homebuyers and the communities in their regions. They can achieve the same high-quality design and careful attention to detail whether they are building a single-family home, a multi-family house, a mixed-use project, or an electronic space.

S3 Design Group

The members of S3 Design Group have worked together on home renovation projects for over 30 years. Their business training is a constant focus for them. They can use cutting-edge methods for home renovations because of their credentials and training.


You can rest easy knowing that S3 Design Group is handling your home with care when you work with them. Everyone in the family knows that no two are the same. During the design phase, the company's design-build team carefully implemented your budgetary criteria across the structure. If you are looking to design and create a family fantasy build adventure, S-3 Design Group is the way to go.

Valley Home Builders, Inc.

The state-of-the-art construction methods used by Valley Home Builders, Inc. showcase the innovative spirit of this innovative area. The goal of Valley Homebuilders has always been and will continue to be the construction of aesthetically pleasing and functional dwellings. As a partner in your construction project, they have assembled a team of experts that include architects, designers, engineers, and project managers, in addition to a highly efficient construction crew. You may rely on their assistance to create the house of your dreams.


Since opening for business in 2005, they have been renovating and constructing houses. Their clientele spans the whole Bay Area, with the majority hailing from the Peninsula and South Bay. Remodels, additions, new buildings, and room additions/subtractions are all part of the projects. Their clients are professionals with hectic schedules, and construction projects are notoriously difficult. People handle the entire process, from start to end, which is something their clients like. Finding competent and compassionate personnel is something they take great pleasure in, as does maintaining a clean and organized work site.


If you want your ideal house built, you need to choose reliable home builders in San Jose. The aforementioned leading builders in San Jose, CA, are well-respected for their dependable service and high level of client satisfaction. They provide a wide variety of services, so you may choose one that suits your needs, whether it's a luxury custom house or a full makeover. If you want the greatest outcomes, think about your unique needs and talk to these builders to discover the one that's right for your job.